Smoking is amusement enjoyed by a lot of people all over the world, regardless of the age, gender, and social stature. But most of the smokers smoke normal cigarettes which are cheaper when compared to cigars. Cigars are associated with wealth and power. Cigars are expensive and each cigar has its own flavor and characteristics. Cigars are created using a delicate process. Some people enjoy a fine cigar on special occasions. Below is the list of top ten most expensive cigars in the world.

Expensive Cigars

Louixs By Goldwin – Price: $50/cigar

Priced at $50 per cigar, this one is made by the Goldwin Metropolitan Company. The six-inch ring makes the cigar very special. The other impressive feature is that they come covered by Rosado wrappers. The cigar has a portrait of Louis XIV, which indicates royalty. The cigar has a flavor of cocoa and spice which makes it a favorite for many people.

Opus X BBMF By Arturo Fuente – cost: $55/cigar

It has an impressive size of seven inches. This cigar is manufactured by Arturo Fuente, which is one of the most elegant cigar makers in the world. Because of its renowned manufacturer, impressive size and price, this cigar have a huge fan following.

Fuente Don Arturo Aniver Xario by Arturo Fuente – cost: $7,500/box

Fuente Don Arturo cigar speaks of history. A box of this cigar consists of 46 cigars wrapped with Maduro wrappers and 46 cigars wrapped with natural wrappers. Each cigar is seven years aged and comes in wide varieties. If you decide to purchase such a prestigious cigar, make sure you invest is a quality cigar humidor. For reviews on the best humidors, visit the Cigar Humidor Guy.

Opus X “A” by Arturo Fuente – $79/cigar

Another one of Arturo Fuente’s production, Opus X “A”, can rarely be purchased individually. The Opus X is priced at $79/cigar. The cigar comes in a size of 9” which makes it the biggest cigar in the Opus line. It has a distinct flavor of jalapenos. The box is wrapped with a ribbon which says “ TheFuente Story” to display the brand name.

CohibaBehike – cost: $18,000/box

It was released 2006 as a celebration of the Cuban manufacturer Cohiba’s 40th anniversary.  The cigar was named in honor of the chief of Taino Indians. The factor that makes CohibaBehike distinct is that only a few of them were made. However, a less expensive version will be released shortly.

His Majesty’s Reserve by Gurkha – costs: $750/cigar

This cigar comes from the brand, which is known to the world as the “Rolls Royce” of the cigar industry. Each year only a limited amount of 100 boxes are produced, which makes the pre-order list longer.

Black dragon by Gurkha – costs: $23,000/box

The fancy box justifies the price of the cigar. The box is a hand carved chest made of camel bone. The wrapper comes from Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro. The cigar has Dominican filler. It’s five years aged. The cigar is 8.5 inches long and has a sour to sweet flavor.

King of Denmark by Royal Danish Cigars – cost: $4500/cigar

Priced at $4500 per cigar, these are manufactured only on certain occasions. They have your name printed on gold foil.

Gran Habano no.5 “El Gigante” from Cigars Direct – costs: $185,000/cigar

Filled with 1,600 pounds of tobacco, this was undoubtedly the largest cigar in the world. It was so large that 40 people could smoke the cigar at the same time. Some of the unknown facts of this cigar are as follows:

  • Mayan Sicars Unearthed by Tampa University scientists – costs: $507,000 for 800 cigars
  • The cigars were 600 years old when archaeologists found them in Guatemala in 2012.
  • They found these in a clay pot labeled “Sicars.”
  • Gary Liotta, a tobacco collector, bought the entire collection for $507,000.


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