Great cigars deserve special care and Shenanigans Saloon has designed the best storage products no matter your budget or collection size. Be the gentlemen on the town with our elegant pocket events and unwind with your favorite cigar anywhere on earth using our indestructible travel humidors.


A new humidor is a like a vampire. Its dry wooden interior is thirsty.

It’ll suck the moisture from every unsuspecting Arturo Fuente it comes in contact with.

Maintain a Humidor:

Once you purchase your first box of cigars, your buy list gets bigger. Lighting up a cigar, you ask yourself if you should buy a humidor for your stogies. A lot people consider this purchase unnecessary as there are another means to store them, less costly.

  A humidor is a special storage case where cigars are kept at a room temperature to stay moist enough. The moisture in its turn leads to the improvement of cigar’s taste, that’s the most important matter.

Cigar Care And Storage:

The perfect storage condition for a cigar is roughly 70% humidity at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Air at different temperatures will hold very different amounts of moisture. Warm air can hold a tremendous amount of moisture.

If your cigars are stored in a warm location, you will need to continuously add water to the humidifier.

Our collections

Beautiful hand rubbed high lacquer humidor. Very elegant design with Spanish cedar interior, beveled glass, cigar tray, brass handles, key lock, hygrometer and humidifier. The brass frame hygrometer makes it possible to monitor humidity levels, plus the humidor comes with a round humidifier and SureSeal Technology to guarantee proper lid seal on closure and minimize risk of humidity evaporation. Lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar to enhance the aroma of the interior, this humidor also comes with a scratch-resistant felt lined bottom and gold plated hidden quadrant hinges. Contains an engraveable brass nameplate.

Protect Your Investments in Style

Amazing Humidors


A humidor is a luxury, a masterpiece a true smoker should be proud of.

100% Satisfaction

 We protect, preserve, and optimize moisturesensitive products

Cigar Hygrometers

You have filled your humidor with the finest cigars and your fingers itch to enjoy one each time you walk by.

Spanish Cedar Wood

Spanish cedar wood is the top choice of cigar manufacturers when it comes to packaging and storing cigars.

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